Sounds easy enough, right. Just put a sign in the yard and the buyers will come knocking. Well, they just might but are you putting yourself at a disadvantage or worse at risk by not being represented?


Let’s start with safety, You wouldn’t invite someone off Craigslist to your house to buy an Apple Watch would you? As soon as the FSBO sign goes up, you have invited every criminal in town into your home to case it out. These criminals look for these signs and are ready and waiting to pose as a buyer and walk right in.


Price is incredibly important and if done correctly, it takes days of collecting data to give you a true market value. Remember it all comes down to the appraisal. Our team at Big Fish would hate for you to negotiate closing costs, repairs and feel confident about the bottom line only to find out a week before closing the house didn’t appraise. Now you have to lower the price and give all the extras you agreed to.

Sure you can overprice the home and always come down, but you are now showing up on the discount market. Not to mention most buyers think they can wheel and deal since you aren’t represented. No one ever pays top dollar on the clearance rack. Therefore, it costs you more in the long run.


From the beginning, Inspection Roadblocks, Staging, Photos and Description are all an absolute must when getting top dollar for your property.

Don’t forget the Florida housing laws, discrimination, disclosures, deed restrictions, if you aren’t careful you can end up in a law suit down the road from a buyer you don’t even remember. We have only just begun and Big Fish Real Estate is with you from the beginning and every step until closing day. Call any of our elite agents for a home consultation today. Even if you aren’t thinking of selling, let us come out and help you with our Big Fish Hook Up List of Tallahassee finest contractors from Roof the Foundation and everything in between.

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