Where To Begin In The Homebuying Process?

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August 16, 2021
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Tina Coombs
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Well… it’s certainly NOT Zillow. 

Zillow sits on a throne of lies and does not have to conform to the state or local laws. Florida law requires that once a home goes under contract that the public is to be notified within 24 hours. Zillow however does not comply with this law and will market homes that have received a higher algorithm for months after the home is sold. 

Let me explain how online real estate sites make money. 

 If something is free, You’re the product!!!!

Your information from the moment you search is now up from sale to Realtors. Your phone should immediately begin receiving calls.  The Realtor attempts to make a connection and conveniently the home you are interested in is no longer available but they have one they can show you that is even better.

The Old Bait & Switch.

So I suggest doing research yourself on who you want as a trusted advisor through the home buying process. You need to like them because you are going to spend the next 45 days minimum with this person on the phone, in person, texting, emailing and you want to feel confident they can be a representation of your needs.  

Your Realtor should set up an appointment with you and go over every detail of the process, including walking through your lifestyle to help with details that you haven’t even thought of. 

Based on the information collected, they will partner you with a local lender that specializes in your specific needs. Selecting a Local lender is important because these people live and work in the community, their reputation is important and they aren’t going to make false promises, have you invest in inspection cost and appraisal and then tell you that you aren’t approved after all. 

But some online lending services will ask your name and favorite color, send you an approval and then ghost you when things get sticky.

Once the lender has gone over with you the monthly mortgage amount which, unlike Zillow, does include the Payment, Interest, Taxes and Insurance, and you are comfortable with that number the FUN begins. 

Now you can begin the search with your Realtor to find the perfect place to call home. 

Your agent will preview homes, search through homes in coming soon status and work tirelessly to find exactly what you are looking for. A great agent will send you everything they find, take feedback and begin to see the property through your eyes, so while you are at your job, they are on the streets previewing the properties, because we all know pictures LIE. 

The Realtor’s job is not to find the home, that’s for you to do, after all you are the one buying it. The Realtor uses the experience, resources and training to save you time and money.

 The Realtor should send all available properties, preview each property and look for roadblocks that could cost you money. 

This is only the beginning… stay tuned for next steps and what to watch out for. 

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